Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October As We know it

October is the month that is commonly known for the celebration of Halloween. During this month we see images of pumpkins, witches, black cats, ghosts, bats, haunted houses, spiders and webs, tombstones and scarecrows, all of which are creatively used as decorum to  adorn classrooms of schools, landscapes of lawns, front porches of homes and businesses, hence the Halloween holiday. The month of October brings excitement to both adults and kids who look forward to partaking in the festivities that Halloween entails such as: dressing up in costumes, children trick or treating, taking haunted tours of houses, cemeteries, etc., watching scary movies, as well as attending parties - where pumpkin pie and apple cider are most likely to be served. At least this, for the most part, is what would come to mind when I think  of the month of October--Halloween.

Today, as a more knowledgeable woman, I have come to understand that life's experiences have changed the way I see things.  Among the things that have taken on a new significance is my view of the month October. Although the theme colors orange and black is usually associated with the month of October due to Halloween, I realize that this month is more significant than celebrating this holiday. It means more than indulging in eating caramel apples on a stick, bobbing for apples at parties and participating in costume contests. October is also a month in which the colors purple and pink are given national recognition because of the causes they represent. Within this month we raise awareness as we celebrate domestic violence awareness and prevention, the Purple Ribbon Campaign, and the fight against breast cancer, the Pink Ribbon Campaign. These causes affect everyone in some way or another whether personally or through the experience of a loved one. Therefore, during the month of October we celebrate life.

Join us as we promote and support the fight for domestic violence prevention and awareness as well as the fight against breast cancer. Read the next two posts to learn more information about these two causes and how you can be a part of the solution.

Have a Divarrific Day! 

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