Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day D.I.V.A.s!!!

Being a Mother is a hard road traveled, but we are all still here!
We all are beautiful in our own way, we’re strong, we have nothing to fear.
Being a mother is a hard price to pay, but nevertheless we’re here to stay.
As a mother we may not all be “Eva’s” (America’s Next Top Model-Image) but because we can handle our own we are all still “D.I.V.A.s”.
Knowing the essence of our being, we gracefully embrace our divinity from goddesses to royalty from princesses to queens.
We are the backbone of the family, the superstructure of spirituality.
Through our prayers and support our loved ones are able to find sustainability.
Strength, hope, faith, are the qualities of a true mother's love which is exercised unconditionally for our beloved.
We are the reason for the season that give men favor from above.
Our nature enables us to embrace the world with courage, and nurture like a glove.
Through our eyes and wisdom we prepare generations and stimulate visions to develop nations.
Mothers make colorful the future of children's visions because greatness is our destiny.
After all, as queens and goddesses, we beget princes, princesses, and gods; our seeds of royalty.
All of these phenomenal intricacies exists in us which makes us who we are, chosen by God are we.
From the moment of creation, since the beginning of time, we were blessed as a species by the Almighty. Bearers of life, daughters, sisters, wives and lovers. We were made in His image to be women and mothers.

Much hugs, kisses and Mother's Day wishes to You my sisters.

Deuces and smooches!

Ms. D.I.V.A.

Originally Authored by: Shannon M. Holliday
Revised by: SM Holliday: 10/17/2011

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