Thursday, December 24, 2015

"EXCLUSIVE: Inside Steve Harvey's Massive Multi-Year Deal to Host Miss Universe"

People all over the world witnessed Steve Harvey's mistake when he read the wrong name when announcing the winner of the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant. They tried to diminish his integrity with racial slurs, memes and all sorts of other negative commentary that circulated the internet. Steve Harvey not only read the wrong name announcing the wrong winner, he also immediately realized his mistake, walked back onto the stage to acknowledge his mistake in front of the entire world without any direction from the network, he took full responsibility for his actions, empathized, sympathized, apologized and corrected his mistake. Steve chose to preserve his dignity by doing the right, honorable and admirable thing. In doing the right thing, as a man he stands tall, his integrity remains upstanding because he actions were outstanding. Subsequently, this man has signed a multi-year contract to be the announcer for the Miss Universe Pageant where the network will pay him more money than they every paid any announcer. I always say, God will always honor Our honest effort.

Steve Harvey did not care about what people would think nor say about him. His actions spoke the message: Let the haters hate, the frenemies be enemies, the naysayers speak negativity, but I'm going to do everything in My power to walk in integrity because "no matter what they take from me they can't take away My dignity." Thanks Steve Harvey for walking the talk and showing us what it means to "Act like a Success and Think Like a Success!" You have my utmost respect! So let them laugh, talk, scorn and meme while you signing and cashing your multi-million dollar checks, laughing on your way to the bank singing "Victory is mine, victory is mine victory today is mine. I told satan to get thee behind, Victory today is mine!" Congrats Steve on the extension of the multi-year contract to host the Miss Universe Pageant! You are the reason We all not only watched this year but will be watching next year! May the Favor And Blessings In Christ continue to rain and reign in Your life! Happy Holidays! <3 complete="" divaciousdiva="" id="goog_218176617" nbsp="">@the1nonlydva @IAmSteveHarvey

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Title and photo from Entertainment Toinght (ET) Zach Seemyer December 22, 2015

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