Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy ‘S.E.X.I.’ Super EXcIting Saturday! Did You thank God for T.H.I.S.?

Happy 'S.E.X.I.' S-uper E-X-cI-ting Saturday, praise God for T.H.I.S. - Thank Him It's Saturday! Let's give God what Is due to Him and praise Him for waking Us up this morning! I thank You Lord for blessing My eyes to open and for enabling Me to breath the breath of life. I am grateful that I have the ability to move My head to look up at the window to see the preview of the light of day that introduced the morning light before turning My head to the right to evidence of the clock's tick tock. I am happy that My 1st immediate thought was to give You the glory for this new day, My 2nd thought was remembering to start My day off with prayer, reading My devotional and My bible and My 3rd thought was to pray for others, for healing and good heath, My fourth thought being a health conscious one focused on fitness, nutrition, and betterment of self. I give You praise, glory and honor giving me this day, to be able to review My agenda that has been delineated and the ability to proceed as planned. I ask Heavenly Father that You bless My honest efforts as I move forward to carry out the tasks and Mommy duties that are set before Me. I speak into existence that today will be a Successful EXcIting Saturday! I give Praises to You Lord through whose Son's blood I have Favor And Blessings In Christ!  Shan #FABInC! ~The FAB I'm of Is the FAB I !~

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