Wednesday, October 12, 2011

National Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention: The Purple Ribbon Campaign

October is national domestic violence prevention and awareness month which is commonly known as the Purple Ribbon Campaign. This effort was birthed in tribute to those individuals who have fallen victim to violence as a result of being in an abusive relationship. Consequently, this issue has provoked a nationwide campaign which encourage individuals, whether survivors or current victims, to join the fight against domestic abuse and to raise awareness of domestic violence prevention. Hence, we wear the purple ribbon during the month of October.

Domestic violence encompasses physical, sexual, and even mental abuse (which is usually the segue to  physical and sexual abuse). Initially, domestic violence seemed gender specific, as the most common victims were known to be women. However, this issue has since progressed to such an extent that it spans ethnic, racial, class, age, sex and gender boundaries. Simply put, this issue has no bias in terms of its victims. It affects everyone. Whether a female is being abused by a male, a male being abused by a female or someone being abused at the hand of another person in a same sex relationship; the fact that the abuse is occurring or has occurred between two individuals who are in an intimate relationship makes the actions of the abuser towards the abused an act of domestic violence, regardless of the relationship status. The best way to receive help in a domestic violence situation is to realize the situation has the potential to progress. Therefore, it is imperative to recognize and acknowledge when a person is in a domestic violence scenario because denial of the situation can be detrimental to the people involved.

In an effort to support victims of domestic violence, organizations and businesses offer services to assist and educate victims on awareness and prevention. In 1995, Verizon Wireless launched a campaign to support domestic violence awareness and prevention through Verizon's HopeLine Phone Recycling Program. The HopeLine creates an opportunity for a person who is in a domestic violence situation to be able to seek help. This initiative would not be possible if it were not for the donations of customers. Customers are encouraged to donate their previously used cell phones, which are refurbished and given to domestic abuse victims.  It does not matter who the cell phone carrier or service provider is. Verizon Wireless' HopeLine accepts ALL cell phones as donations towards the domestic violence prevention and awareness effort. The victims are able to utilize the phone provided to them to contact help through the HopeLine, a call which is airtime and free of charge. For more information please feel free to visit the Verizon Insider website: Let's increase the peace and make this October a memorable one by joining the fight and supporting domestic violence prevention and awareness.

Peace and Blessings!

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