Friday, October 14, 2011

Angela's Song

This poem was written for a sister-friend who lost a loved one to breast cancer named Angela known as 'Angie B.' I was honored when my friend asked me to write something that could be read at Angela's homegoing. I prayed and asked the Lord to give me the words that would be suitable for this person whom I heard was a loving mother and a friend to all who crossed her path. The poem was read at the funeral and many hearts were touched. Today, I revised the poem and wanted to post it on my blog in dedication to Angela, her surviving loved ones, and all those past and present who have battled breast cancer, their loved ones, as well as all those who support and still fight for the cause. I dedicate this poem to all individuals who support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Angela’s Song

Not a quitter
Always there for everyone

Destined to be an angel was she,
Now in a better place beholding the beauty.
She fought a good fight with all her human might.
She kept the faith knowing everything would be alright.

Heaven has yet another angel, all of whom are special.
Though she suffered, her faith she maintained through the pressure.
In spite of everything, she loved everyone, both friends and family.
Never in my life have I met anyone like Angie B.
For now she's crossed over, her story a testimony. 

Most of all she loved God for an excellent husband was He.
She always used to say “God is my husband” indeed.
Girl, you are with your husband now, tell Him I said hello.
Like All State, you’re in good hands, I'm sure.
You are at home resting safely in His arms, He won’t ever let you go.

God was always by her side, in Him she had more than a friend.
Her relationship with Him was one that most didn’t understand,
Yet you two knew it would pay off in the end.
Never will you have to worry or suffer again.

Though she has gone away, these are the words I'm sure she'd say:
No tears, no crying just laughing and smiling.
This affliction is just the preparation for living not dying.
Don’t cry for me don’t shed a tear.
I’m okay because everything’s fine up here.

No more pain, no more sorrow, there’s nothing to fear.
For now I’m truly an angel, halo and wings, full gear.
I love you my children although I’ve gone away.
Between family and friends you’ll be looked after, I’ve prayed.
May the love I have for you keep you each and every day.
When you think of me know that I’m okay.

Whenever you feel low and start missing me,
Take comfort in knowing we’ll meet again you’ll see.
Know that my God is your God too.
Just as he took care of me, He’ll also take care of you.

One of these mornings it won’t be long.
We’ll meet again someday soon, for this is My Song.
Please remember Angela’s Song!

Authored by: SMHolliday for L. Crawford
Edited by: L Crawford

 Revised by Shannon Holliday in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 10/14/2011

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