Saturday, November 26, 2011

Embracing the 'she in me'

To embrace the ‘she inside of me’ requires self-assessment in order to become acquainted with the inward self so that one can be comfortable in their own skin. It does not matter what color one's skin may be, their creed, ethnicity, origin, culture, size, shape, or walk of life, what you are on the inside is most important. Assessing self enables us as women to discover who the ‘she’ inside of ‘me’ is. During this time of self-assessing, one can acknowledge things such as: likes and dislikes, challenges and triumphs, strengths and weaknesses, dreams and aspirations, etc. These elemental factors e.g. strengths and weaknesses, which are identified during our assessing of self, can be used as instruments to create opportunities for self-improvement and self-enhancement which can boost our self-confidence. After completing the self-assessment process, we are then able to realize what lies beneath, the feature(s) of ourselves. Most importantly, after self-assessing, one is then able to look in the mirror and see beyond the image of the person whose reflection is looking back at them. For then is the inner reflection of self able to be revealed.

This self-actualization process, enables one to identify one’s potentials, appreciate the findings as we seek to implement self-improvement. As a result, we become acquainted with ourselves, at which time, we are able to delineate a self-improvement plan to help us to improve ourselves and strengthen the areas where we may be lacking, and this is how we embrace the 'she' in inside ourselves. Once we embrace her, we can then use the insight gained from our self-actualization process as stepping stones for success.                                                                                                    

May you have a blessed "DIVA-rrific" Day!

Ms. D.I.V.A.

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