Thursday, December 24, 2015

DIVA 2 DIVA-ology Presents: D.I.V.A. 2 DIVAS - Divine Inspirational Voice Among Sisters: "EXCLUSIVE: Inside Steve Harvey's Massive Multi-Year Deal to Host Miss Universe"

DIVA 2 DIVA-ology Presents: D.I.V.A. 2 DIVAS - Divine Inspirational Voice Among Sisters: "EXCLUSIVE: Inside Steve Harvey's Massive Multi-Year Deal to Host Miss Universe"

"EXCLUSIVE: Inside Steve Harvey's Massive Multi-Year Deal to Host Miss Universe"

People all over the world witnessed Steve Harvey's mistake when he read the wrong name when announcing the winner of the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant. They tried to diminish his integrity with racial slurs, memes and all sorts of other negative commentary that circulated the internet. Steve Harvey not only read the wrong name announcing the wrong winner, he also immediately realized his mistake, walked back onto the stage to acknowledge his mistake in front of the entire world without any direction from the network, he took full responsibility for his actions, empathized, sympathized, apologized and corrected his mistake. Steve chose to preserve his dignity by doing the right, honorable and admirable thing. In doing the right thing, as a man he stands tall, his integrity remains upstanding because he actions were outstanding. Subsequently, this man has signed a multi-year contract to be the announcer for the Miss Universe Pageant where the network will pay him more money than they every paid any announcer. I always say, God will always honor Our honest effort.

Steve Harvey did not care about what people would think nor say about him. His actions spoke the message: Let the haters hate, the frenemies be enemies, the naysayers speak negativity, but I'm going to do everything in My power to walk in integrity because "no matter what they take from me they can't take away My dignity." Thanks Steve Harvey for walking the talk and showing us what it means to "Act like a Success and Think Like a Success!" You have my utmost respect! So let them laugh, talk, scorn and meme while you signing and cashing your multi-million dollar checks, laughing on your way to the bank singing "Victory is mine, victory is mine victory today is mine. I told satan to get thee behind, Victory today is mine!" Congrats Steve on the extension of the multi-year contract to host the Miss Universe Pageant! You are the reason We all not only watched this year but will be watching next year! May the Favor And Blessings In Christ continue to rain and reign in Your life! Happy Holidays! <3 complete="" divaciousdiva="" id="goog_218176617" nbsp="">@the1nonlydva @IAmSteveHarvey

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Title and photo from Entertainment Toinght (ET) Zach Seemyer December 22, 2015

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy ‘S.E.X.I.’ Super EXcIting Saturday! Did You thank God for T.H.I.S.?

Happy 'S.E.X.I.' S-uper E-X-cI-ting Saturday, praise God for T.H.I.S. - Thank Him It's Saturday! Let's give God what Is due to Him and praise Him for waking Us up this morning! I thank You Lord for blessing My eyes to open and for enabling Me to breath the breath of life. I am grateful that I have the ability to move My head to look up at the window to see the preview of the light of day that introduced the morning light before turning My head to the right to evidence of the clock's tick tock. I am happy that My 1st immediate thought was to give You the glory for this new day, My 2nd thought was remembering to start My day off with prayer, reading My devotional and My bible and My 3rd thought was to pray for others, for healing and good heath, My fourth thought being a health conscious one focused on fitness, nutrition, and betterment of self. I give You praise, glory and honor giving me this day, to be able to review My agenda that has been delineated and the ability to proceed as planned. I ask Heavenly Father that You bless My honest efforts as I move forward to carry out the tasks and Mommy duties that are set before Me. I speak into existence that today will be a Successful EXcIting Saturday! I give Praises to You Lord through whose Son's blood I have Favor And Blessings In Christ!  Shan #FABInC! ~The FAB I'm of Is the FAB I !~

Visit DIVA 2 DIVA-ology DIVA 2 DIVAs: Divine Inspirational Voice Among Sisters for more inspirational posts at: Here We believe everyday is a reason for the season to celebrate life, because every day is a holiday with Me...Shannon Ms. DIVA Holliday! If You are ‘SEXI’ ‘Like’ Us and You’re down for doing T.H.I.S. ‘Like’ Us, show You are 'Super E-X-cI-ted'-- give God praise and 'Thank Him It’s Saturday ‘ Like’ Us! If You know You are Favored And Blessed In Christ, We invite You to OWN Your F.A.B - F-avor A-nd B-lessings ‘Like’ Us, join the celebration with Us as We celebrate life because We R #FABInC!

Friday, February 1, 2013

FAB in February!

February is a fruitful month which we know to be filled with celebratory events such as: Black History, Superbowl Sunday and Valentine's Day. In addition to these well known festivities, I also have personal historical dates within this month such as birthdays for my brother, uncle, daughter, and ex-husband. Within this month is also my former wedding anniversary and date of post-pregnancy surgery. As I journey into this month, I am reminded of the monumental moments that occurred and that are commemorated this month. For me, I celebrated life (the lives of my family), a new life in marriage, and the end of the ability to bring forth new life (post-pregnancy surgery). When I think about where I am and who I am today, on this 1st day of February. I can see just how far I have come. Although I am not where I want to be, but I am not where I used to be. Even though I am not what I want to be, I am not what I used to be. I thank God for who what and where I am for it is He who hat brought me this far and I thank Him for His Favor and Blessings.


Monday, January 21, 2013

A Historic Celebration

Today is a commemorative day of remembrance as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday as we remember the struggle of the civil rights movement as well as the accomplishment of how far we have come as a nation. On this day we also celebrate the second inauguration of the first African American President Barack H. Obama. For on this 21st day of January 2013, we can reflect on how far we have come and the journey that still lies before us as a nation. As an African American female who served as the Ferguson Township Telephone Bank Training Coordinator for Organizing for America; and served as the Voter ID Law/Registration Education Advocate for the Elderly with Women for Obama in State College, PA. I am elated to witness the accomplishment of our country. I am therefore proud to say Happy Martin Luther King's Day, Congratulations to our President Barack Obama and May God Bless America!

Shannon Holliday - Ms. D.I.V.A.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Embracing the 'she in me'

To embrace the ‘she inside of me’ requires self-assessment in order to become acquainted with the inward self so that one can be comfortable in their own skin. It does not matter what color one's skin may be, their creed, ethnicity, origin, culture, size, shape, or walk of life, what you are on the inside is most important. Assessing self enables us as women to discover who the ‘she’ inside of ‘me’ is. During this time of self-assessing, one can acknowledge things such as: likes and dislikes, challenges and triumphs, strengths and weaknesses, dreams and aspirations, etc. These elemental factors e.g. strengths and weaknesses, which are identified during our assessing of self, can be used as instruments to create opportunities for self-improvement and self-enhancement which can boost our self-confidence. After completing the self-assessment process, we are then able to realize what lies beneath, the feature(s) of ourselves. Most importantly, after self-assessing, one is then able to look in the mirror and see beyond the image of the person whose reflection is looking back at them. For then is the inner reflection of self able to be revealed.

This self-actualization process, enables one to identify one’s potentials, appreciate the findings as we seek to implement self-improvement. As a result, we become acquainted with ourselves, at which time, we are able to delineate a self-improvement plan to help us to improve ourselves and strengthen the areas where we may be lacking, and this is how we embrace the 'she' in inside ourselves. Once we embrace her, we can then use the insight gained from our self-actualization process as stepping stones for success.                                                                                                    

May you have a blessed "DIVA-rrific" Day!

Ms. D.I.V.A.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Angela's Song

This poem was written for a sister-friend who lost a loved one to breast cancer named Angela known as 'Angie B.' I was honored when my friend asked me to write something that could be read at Angela's homegoing. I prayed and asked the Lord to give me the words that would be suitable for this person whom I heard was a loving mother and a friend to all who crossed her path. The poem was read at the funeral and many hearts were touched. Today, I revised the poem and wanted to post it on my blog in dedication to Angela, her surviving loved ones, and all those past and present who have battled breast cancer, their loved ones, as well as all those who support and still fight for the cause. I dedicate this poem to all individuals who support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Angela’s Song

Not a quitter
Always there for everyone

Destined to be an angel was she,
Now in a better place beholding the beauty.
She fought a good fight with all her human might.
She kept the faith knowing everything would be alright.

Heaven has yet another angel, all of whom are special.
Though she suffered, her faith she maintained through the pressure.
In spite of everything, she loved everyone, both friends and family.
Never in my life have I met anyone like Angie B.
For now she's crossed over, her story a testimony. 

Most of all she loved God for an excellent husband was He.
She always used to say “God is my husband” indeed.
Girl, you are with your husband now, tell Him I said hello.
Like All State, you’re in good hands, I'm sure.
You are at home resting safely in His arms, He won’t ever let you go.

God was always by her side, in Him she had more than a friend.
Her relationship with Him was one that most didn’t understand,
Yet you two knew it would pay off in the end.
Never will you have to worry or suffer again.

Though she has gone away, these are the words I'm sure she'd say:
No tears, no crying just laughing and smiling.
This affliction is just the preparation for living not dying.
Don’t cry for me don’t shed a tear.
I’m okay because everything’s fine up here.

No more pain, no more sorrow, there’s nothing to fear.
For now I’m truly an angel, halo and wings, full gear.
I love you my children although I’ve gone away.
Between family and friends you’ll be looked after, I’ve prayed.
May the love I have for you keep you each and every day.
When you think of me know that I’m okay.

Whenever you feel low and start missing me,
Take comfort in knowing we’ll meet again you’ll see.
Know that my God is your God too.
Just as he took care of me, He’ll also take care of you.

One of these mornings it won’t be long.
We’ll meet again someday soon, for this is My Song.
Please remember Angela’s Song!

Authored by: SMHolliday for L. Crawford
Edited by: L Crawford

 Revised by Shannon Holliday in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 10/14/2011

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Pink Ribbon Campaign

October is national breast cancer awareness month commonly known as the Pink Ribbon Campaign. This month we raise awareness to the cause for the fight against breast cancer. Breast cancer affects each of us in some way whether personally or through the life of a friend or loved one. When I was a child, I recall my mother announcing that she had to have surgery because of a growth that developed in one of her breasts. After her surgery, the doctor informed her that the growth was benign meaning it was not cancerous.

I did not fully understand the situation, however, based on the relief in my mother's voice  I knew she was happy with the results of her surgery. From that time to young adulthood, I never thought about that situation again, until I learned that a female church member was diagnosed with breast cancer. This person was a mother, wife, daughter and sister. My last memory of her was that she was a sweet, loving person. Her death (as any one's would be) was a huge loss to family and those who knew and loved her. Although she's the only person whom I have known personally to die from breast cancer, I've known of people whose loved ones have passed away during their battle with breast cancer.

While there are different reasons why breast cancer affect many lives today. I believe that one of the reasons some people lose the battle with breast cancer is due to a lack of awareness. This is why breast cancer awareness month is necessary, so that we can not only raise awareness, but also educate people on early detection. It is imperative to knowing how to give self-breast exams and  encourage mammograms especially for people whose family member may have been diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer. I recently learned that breast and ovarian cancer are related. I obtained this information while at a doctor's visit for my mammogram. Thank goodness it was okay.

Businesses everywhere are teaming up with cancer awareness organizations such as the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the American Cancer Society, etc., to join in the effort to raise awareness about breast cancer. Among the businesses that are advocating for the cause is Dannon's yogurt. Dannon's has teamed up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and launched a breast cancer awareness campaign through their Cups of Hope Program. This effort enables customers who purchase Dannon's brand yogurts such as Stonyfield's Activia, to log on to Once logged on to the Cups of Hope site, enter your email address and the  code which is indicated under the lid of the yogurt cup and click submit. It's that simple. Dannon's honors this action by donating $0.20 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and donates an additional $0.10 when the information is shared on Facebook and/or Twitter by clicking on the buttons indicated on the site. You can also support Dannon's Cups of Hope Program by clicking "Like" on Oikos Greek Yogurt's Facebook page where an additional $0.10 will be donated to the breast cancer cause. I was excited after I purchased Dannon's strawberry Activia Greek yogurt and peeled back the foiled lid where I read about how my purchase and subsequent action, enabled me to contribute to the cause of breast cancer awareness. Needless to say, I ran to my laptop to enter my email and code, and immediately shared this information on my Facebook and Twitter page. I also clicked "Like" on the Oikos Greek Yogurt page. You can too!

The wonderful thing about supporting the breast cancer awareness cause is, everyone is included. Men are not left out of the effort either. Remember, real men wear pink! Women, let's fight like a girl and support breast cancer awareness by getting those mammograms and giving ourselves breast exams. You all can participate by donating and encouraging others to donate. Also, show your support by wearing pink for the month of October. Let's think pink!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

National Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention: The Purple Ribbon Campaign

October is national domestic violence prevention and awareness month which is commonly known as the Purple Ribbon Campaign. This effort was birthed in tribute to those individuals who have fallen victim to violence as a result of being in an abusive relationship. Consequently, this issue has provoked a nationwide campaign which encourage individuals, whether survivors or current victims, to join the fight against domestic abuse and to raise awareness of domestic violence prevention. Hence, we wear the purple ribbon during the month of October.

Domestic violence encompasses physical, sexual, and even mental abuse (which is usually the segue to  physical and sexual abuse). Initially, domestic violence seemed gender specific, as the most common victims were known to be women. However, this issue has since progressed to such an extent that it spans ethnic, racial, class, age, sex and gender boundaries. Simply put, this issue has no bias in terms of its victims. It affects everyone. Whether a female is being abused by a male, a male being abused by a female or someone being abused at the hand of another person in a same sex relationship; the fact that the abuse is occurring or has occurred between two individuals who are in an intimate relationship makes the actions of the abuser towards the abused an act of domestic violence, regardless of the relationship status. The best way to receive help in a domestic violence situation is to realize the situation has the potential to progress. Therefore, it is imperative to recognize and acknowledge when a person is in a domestic violence scenario because denial of the situation can be detrimental to the people involved.

In an effort to support victims of domestic violence, organizations and businesses offer services to assist and educate victims on awareness and prevention. In 1995, Verizon Wireless launched a campaign to support domestic violence awareness and prevention through Verizon's HopeLine Phone Recycling Program. The HopeLine creates an opportunity for a person who is in a domestic violence situation to be able to seek help. This initiative would not be possible if it were not for the donations of customers. Customers are encouraged to donate their previously used cell phones, which are refurbished and given to domestic abuse victims.  It does not matter who the cell phone carrier or service provider is. Verizon Wireless' HopeLine accepts ALL cell phones as donations towards the domestic violence prevention and awareness effort. The victims are able to utilize the phone provided to them to contact help through the HopeLine, a call which is airtime and free of charge. For more information please feel free to visit the Verizon Insider website: Let's increase the peace and make this October a memorable one by joining the fight and supporting domestic violence prevention and awareness.

Peace and Blessings!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October As We know it

October is the month that is commonly known for the celebration of Halloween. During this month we see images of pumpkins, witches, black cats, ghosts, bats, haunted houses, spiders and webs, tombstones and scarecrows, all of which are creatively used as decorum to  adorn classrooms of schools, landscapes of lawns, front porches of homes and businesses, hence the Halloween holiday. The month of October brings excitement to both adults and kids who look forward to partaking in the festivities that Halloween entails such as: dressing up in costumes, children trick or treating, taking haunted tours of houses, cemeteries, etc., watching scary movies, as well as attending parties - where pumpkin pie and apple cider are most likely to be served. At least this, for the most part, is what would come to mind when I think  of the month of October--Halloween.

Today, as a more knowledgeable woman, I have come to understand that life's experiences have changed the way I see things.  Among the things that have taken on a new significance is my view of the month October. Although the theme colors orange and black is usually associated with the month of October due to Halloween, I realize that this month is more significant than celebrating this holiday. It means more than indulging in eating caramel apples on a stick, bobbing for apples at parties and participating in costume contests. October is also a month in which the colors purple and pink are given national recognition because of the causes they represent. Within this month we raise awareness as we celebrate domestic violence awareness and prevention, the Purple Ribbon Campaign, and the fight against breast cancer, the Pink Ribbon Campaign. These causes affect everyone in some way or another whether personally or through the experience of a loved one. Therefore, during the month of October we celebrate life.

Join us as we promote and support the fight for domestic violence prevention and awareness as well as the fight against breast cancer. Read the next two posts to learn more information about these two causes and how you can be a part of the solution.

Have a Divarrific Day! 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day D.I.V.A.s!!!

Being a Mother is a hard road traveled, but we are all still here!
We all are beautiful in our own way, we’re strong, we have nothing to fear.
Being a mother is a hard price to pay, but nevertheless we’re here to stay.
As a mother we may not all be “Eva’s” (America’s Next Top Model-Image) but because we can handle our own we are all still “D.I.V.A.s”.
Knowing the essence of our being, we gracefully embrace our divinity from goddesses to royalty from princesses to queens.
We are the backbone of the family, the superstructure of spirituality.
Through our prayers and support our loved ones are able to find sustainability.
Strength, hope, faith, are the qualities of a true mother's love which is exercised unconditionally for our beloved.
We are the reason for the season that give men favor from above.
Our nature enables us to embrace the world with courage, and nurture like a glove.
Through our eyes and wisdom we prepare generations and stimulate visions to develop nations.
Mothers make colorful the future of children's visions because greatness is our destiny.
After all, as queens and goddesses, we beget princes, princesses, and gods; our seeds of royalty.
All of these phenomenal intricacies exists in us which makes us who we are, chosen by God are we.
From the moment of creation, since the beginning of time, we were blessed as a species by the Almighty. Bearers of life, daughters, sisters, wives and lovers. We were made in His image to be women and mothers.

Much hugs, kisses and Mother's Day wishes to You my sisters.

Deuces and smooches!

Ms. D.I.V.A.

Originally Authored by: Shannon M. Holliday
Revised by: SM Holliday: 10/17/2011

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Look in The Mirror

When I look into your eyes I see a reflection of me. When I acknowledge your faults I feel a sense of familiarity. When I criticize you it's really self I critique. When you ask me a question my response to you is really the answer I seek.

My advice to you is a message to myself. I accept this message better when I advise someone else. I've learned some messages are easier to give. The true message I find is in the experiences I live. You want honesty? My advice sometimes a fallacy, the opposite of what I live; that's reality. My honesty to you is my reality, my truth. For the truth I seek I find in you.

Deep inside each of us is a part of everyone. Though our lives may differ there is nothing new under the sun. Where you're going, I've been, already traveled that route. And what I haven't been through yet, perhaps you've championed no doubt.

In the end can we really say we don't need each other? For it takes both me and you to mirror the reflection of one another.

Ms. D.I.V.A

Authored by: SM Holliday aka Ms. D.I.V.A.
Revised: 10/17/2011

Originally Posted on the Black Planet website