Sunday, April 6, 2008

What is Divaology?

Let's first define the word "diva." defines the term "diva" as a word originally used to describe a woman of both rare and outstanding talent. It goes on to say the word "diva" derived from an Italian word "divina" which means "divine," which in turn derives from the feminine form of the Latin word divus/diva meaning "divine one." And defines "ology" as a branch of learning.

Although the term "diva" was initially referred to as a musically talented women, as observed by Time Magazine's (October, 2002), according to Answer' website. As time progressed, the term "diva" took on a negative connotation by which it was used to describe a female who is arrogant, having an unfriendly persona. However, I see the term "diva" differently, as having a positive connotation. My personal definition of a D.I.V.A. is someone who is a

D iligent
I nspiring
V oice
A lways

The purpose of my blog "D.I.V.A. 2 DIVA-ology" is to encourage, inspire and motivate women by sharing life learned experiences. I feel as women we should stick together. Life require many responsibilities of us as grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts and more. Our diverse roles as parents, wives, lovers, partners, girl-friends, friends and confidants all play a major part in what makes us who we are. At birth we inherit the responsibility of developing, growing and learning throughout our lives, how to exist and evolve as females.

As children we are as my good friend Sheri says, "d.i.t.s" i.e. divas in training." There are many in's and out's that we toil through in our developmental process. In the end, we develop a term I coined as "Diva-locity." My definition of 'divalocity' is the style, composure and make up of a D.I.V.A. Basically, divalocity is the character that makes us who we are as D.I,V.A.s; our attitude or what I like to describe as "DIVA-tude."

This is the reason I refer to myself as Ms. D.I.V.A. As you peruse my blog, and read my post titled "What does D.I.V.A. mean?," you will gain a deeper understanding of  why I own this word, the essence of my "DIVA-tude." I encourage women to own the term "diva" as described by the acronym D.I.V.A., that I have coined above. I encourage my fellow sisters to express their "DIVA-ism" -the action of being a D.I.V.A. Be "DIVA-cious" -one who has a D.I.V.A. spirit. Let's show the world our "D.I.V.A-tude" -by personifying the positive attributes used to describe this word; one can be on the forefront of encouraging sisterhood among women as a D.I.V.A. The terms I've coined in this blog and their meanings is what I refer to as DIVA-ology.

Ms. D.I.V.A.

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